Jujube Jumpsuit


Mischelle Moy's mother, Jade Li, worked in a number of Chinatown's garment factories when she first immigrated to New York City in the 1980s.

"I remember when we would start commuting to Chinatown when I was just a toddler, with me being dropped off at a nursery school on Grand St & Bowery, while [my mom] went to work in a garment factory building nearby. My parents and grandparents would be in those factories making buttons, zippers, and multiples of other garment pieces....

My mom still works as a patternmaker to this day (with a reputation of her own!) so her immigrant roots are never forgotten, and I hope to help keep these memories alive.”

—Mischelle Moy, June 2022

Mischelle is wearing the Jujube Jumpsuit, featuring some of her favorite motifs: Ginger Cherry Tomatoes, and Star Anise. She designed the Plum Blossom motif, symbolizing both her last name 梅 Moy, and her mother’s last name 李 Li.

Jade is wearing the Osmanthus Top and Yarrow Pant. Her favorite motif is Orchid.


Ba Bao Zhou is a capsule collection celebrating the everyday abundance of our beloved Chinatown.

Created in collaboration with Lorraine Lum and the Chinatown community during Joy Mao’s 2022 Artist Residency at The W.O.W. Project, the collection uses clothing-making as a vessel for community care.

This inaugural edition of Ba Bao Zhou features a library of motifs representing the community's symbols of abundance—hand-carved and printed in green-blue tones on ivory linen.

Collection photography by June Kim, with art direction and styling by Sueann Leung.


2022 Pilot Production

Each garment is made-to-order by Joy Mao and Lorraine Lum at The W.O.W. Project studio in Manhattan Chinatown. Orders will be ready for pick-up or shipping by the end of September.

Please review the following details carefully before placing your order -


The Jujube Jumpsuit is a playful piece with a reversible hi-lo neckline (rotate to front or back), billowy box-pleated pant legs, and secret pockets in the side seams. Please note: Garment is translucent and unlined


Each garment contains an individualized set of motifs, unique to each piece. Please select 1-3 of your favorites motifs from our inaugural library (last image), and include their names with your order notes during the check-out process—we will build a story around your favorites.


During our Pilot Production, we will be customizing each piece to your measurements. Please provide the following measurements in our order notes during the check-out process:
- Bust
- Waist
- Hip
- Height


100% linen with motifs hand-printed with Jacquard textile paint


Garment is pre-washed; machine wash cold, tumble dry low, hot iron on reverse