hello & welcome

i'm joy! there's nothing i love to do more than to draw, paint, and make clothes. 

i started the "joy mao" brand in 2017, with much support and encouragement from my beloved friends. since, i've designed and handmade some special garments for some special folks, with summer 2018 pieces currently available at voyager shop and kosa arts.

this fall, i'm headed to the parsons school of design to study fashion design!

i'm not sure what "joy mao" will become, but i do know that it will always be changing as I learn more about myself & about this curious, strange, and beautiful world.

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drawings & paintings

one of my favorite ways to start the day is to make a small watercolor sketch, mostly of the flowers in my home as they bloom and then inevitably decay—a very gentle reminder each morning of time passing.

some original paintings, from my home to yours: