Chores ᐧ 04 Oracle Bones


When I was a child, I’d run through the forest with my grandmother, fighting off monsters and hunting for treasure. One day, I dropped the long drying pine needles that I’d so carefully picked up - a whole fistful of them, now scattered across the thin-grained living room hardwood. I can still picture them, tangled together in beautiful patches, a couple of strays falling so far that I didn’t find them until the next day.

Words by Shaina Yang

Chores is a collection of eighteen hand-embroidered vintage chore coats, celebrating the beauty of earnest labor. Because each piece is a vintage garment transformed through hand-embroidery, each piece is unique. 

With sleeves decorated below the elbow in patches and piles of stitching that recall fallen flora on the forest floor - a few of these escaping onto the body of the coat - Oracle Bones taps deep into our earliest memories of pattern, nature, and beauty. The gravity of its plain black body is balanced with five newly replaced buttons, a paler embroidery palette of greens and blues, and the wonderfully tactile beading at the arms always instinctively within fingertip’s reach.

04 Oracle Bones measures:

Cross Chest 23.25" (46.5" Bust)
Body Length 27"
Sleeve Length 23"

The fabric is a slightly lighter weight cotton twill with dark blue stitching, and there is an extra pocket hidden in the interior, against the left chest. It is in good condition, with one small tear on the right shoulder. All five buttons were replaced.

Please hand wash cold with mild detergent, and line dry. Warm iron on reverse with a little steam.

Joy's brother Justin (in photos/video) is 5'5" tall and measures:

Cross Chest 17" (34" Bust)
Body Length 25.5"
Sleeve Length 22" 

*Choose what you pay:

$380 - Covers materials and labor for creating this piece

$480 - Helps sustain my practice by paying for work that happens beyond garment construction alone

$580 - Contributes to the growth of my practice, allowing me to invest in tools, people, and future projects + comes with a surprise bonus item

Please note: If any one pricing tier is marked as "sold out," the item is no longer available. This is due to a quirk in the website's inventory management system that Joy has yet to find a good solution for. Thank you for understanding!